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Nielsen Brandbank

Global In-House Legal Services

We have had the pleasure of working with Nielsen Brandbank for several years: from initially updating their standard T&Cs in the UK; to providing our Solicitors On Site Service for a fixed number of days per week for all of their EU and international territories.

Nielsen Brandbank - Cracknell Law

What do Nielsen Brandbank do?
In essence, if you do your weekly food shopping online then all of the product images and product data on the website will have been created (or stored on behalf of the supplier) and distributed to the retailer by Nielsen Brandbank.

Their model involves brand owners / manufacturers sending physical samples of their products to Nielsen Brandbank’s warehouse. They are then expertly photographed and all of the packaging text is transcribed. This is uploaded to their Product Library for the supplier’s approval and it is then distributed to retailers and other data consumers for use on their websites and apps.

Their service means that retailers have consistent content across their website which has been legally verified by the relevant supplier.

Brandbank Limited was acquired in December 2014 by Nielsen, a leading global information & measurement company. Nielsen Brandbank has since gone from strength to strength and now has operations in the UK, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Turkey, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Canada, Australia and the USA.

How have we assisted Nielsen Brandbank?
We provide Nielsen Brandbank with our Solicitors On Site Service which essentially provides them with an outsourced ‘in-house’ legal team.

For each of the aforementioned territories, we have drafted and negotiated all of the commercial contracts for the business. For contracts governed by foreign laws, we typically work with local lawyers, but we are tasked with leading the negotiations and ensuring that all of terms are legally and commercially acceptable to the company.

The nature of the business means that Nielsen Brandbank are dealing with all of the biggest players in the food and beverage market – from PepsiCo to Unilever. We are able to use the years of knowledge and experience from working within the business to ensure that we can effectively negotiate with these global companies (and their often ruthless legal teams).

A True Extension of the Business
When we say we are integrated with our clients’ businesses, we mean it. We attend monthly Board Meetings with the Nielsen Brandbank Management Team and contribute to all decisions involving the legalities of the business.

With over 6,000 customers in the EU alone, managing Nielsen Brandbank’s contracts is a stressful and cumbersome task which we are able to alleviate for the business. We provide pro-active and reactive advice, tailored to the commercial factors which affect the business, and all for a fixed monthly fee. Nielsen Brandbank is therefore a prime example of how our in-house commercial law services can make a major impact to a global business.

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