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Data Protection

Handle Personal Data with confidence

Data Protection - Cracknell Law

We don’t just limit risk, we look to leverage opportunity.

Data is the most valuable business commodity in the world but mishandling personal data can lead to ever increasing harm to your business, exposure to penalties and irreparable reputational damage.

We work hard to limit your risk while helping you capitalise on business opportunities to exploit your data in the most commercially beneficial and compliant way.

Our solutions are tailored to be as unique as your Data Protection issues.

We work with start-ups and multi-national companies across the private, public and charity sector and we’ve learned that no two organisations face exactly the same Data Protection problems.

We understand the value of bespoke services designed to protect organisations while helping them achieve their objectives without incurring unending or excessive costs.

Limit your risk

Changes to Data Protection and marketing law mean that fines, criminal sanctions and reputational damage are all real risks for organisations of any size.

The requirement and task of being compliant has become increasingly difficult and costly.

We’ve gained significant experience completing compliance projects across multiple sectors and we have used these experiences to craft the best solutions we can for our clients working in businesses, charities and public bodies.

Data Protection Compliance Services

We provide a more ‘hands-on’ approach to ensure that you don’t simply receive consultation and instruction on your Data Protection practices, but also the documentation and adjustments to your current contracts and contracting practices that you will require to demonstrate compliance.

We offer services from complete personal data audits and compliance projects through to drafting privacy notices or assisting with breach notifications or subject access requests.

  • Internal policy drafting
  • Compliance audits, analysis and implementation projects
  • Data Processing Agreements
  • Subject access request handling
  • Data breach advising
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • International personal data exporting/importing advice and document drafting
  • Postal and e-marketing campaign advice

Cracknell Law has been instrumental to the expansion of Epos Now and helped us tailor our terms of business to protect both us and our customers.

They have worked closely with us to know our business, the industry we operate in and those of our customers and partners. From helping us to secure some fantastic new customers and getting us GDPR ready all the way through to providing continual DPO resource, Cracknell Law continue to be a great extension to the Epos Now team.

Hayley Johnson, Chief Operating Officer at Epos Now

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