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Commercial Law

Your first point of contract

Commercial Law - Cracknell Law

Lifeblood of business

Contracts are the lifeblood of businesses, underpinning key relationships with your customers, suppliers and partners.

It is essential that you clearly understand what terms you are signing your business up to and where the risks lie.

Negotiate with confidence

We have experience ranging from drafting start-up company T&Cs to negotiating multi-million pound international deals and we aim to utilise our knowledge of Commercial Law to increase your bargaining strength.

Commercial focus

At the forefront of our minds is the fact that the legal terms need to be balanced with commercial factors.

We offer contract reviews, drafting and negotiation services, tailored document packages and various retainer options to help you achieve the best deals possible.


Shall I Sign?

If you are asking yourself this question without knowing the contractual risks, then you need our services.

Our cost effective contract review service aims to ensure that you never have to sign a commercial agreement without being aware of the legal repercussions. This service will provide you with a clear and accurate picture of the risks within a contract and we offer a range of options to suit the level of information that you require:

  • Snapshot report (key issues only)
  • Full report (major, material and minor issues)
  • Full mark-up of Agreement
  • Full mark-up of Agreement with commentary

Bespoke Drafting Experts

We don’t believe that downloading a template and changing the names is good enough.

We pride ourselves on our ability to be able to tailor any contact to the applicable circumstances and to pitch the document in the tone requested by our clients – whether it is: formal; consumer friendly; balanced and reasonable; or one-sided – we will deliver Commercial Contracts with meticulous care and skill for any occasion.

The key documents that we are usually instructed to create are:

  • Bespoke T&Cs;
  • Standard Terms and Conditions and Company Policies;
  • Contracts for the Sale or Purchase of Goods and Services;
  • Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements;
  • Website Terms and Policies;
  • Agency and Distribution Agreements;
  • Franchise Agreements;
  • Outsourcing Agreements;
  • Heads of Terms;
  • Novation and Variation Agreements; and
  • Software Licences.

Cracknell Law deliver a fantastic cost-effective service which ensures that all of our Commercial Law requirements across the world are managed by experienced lawyers who truly understand our business.

Time and time again, with only the very necessary degree of input from business management, Cracknell Law drive negotiations through to conclusions, as opposed to just providing a long list of recommendations. The professional pragmatism exercised saves a significant amount of internal management time.

Chris Head, Director of Nielsen Brandbank

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