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Food Legals

Our legally-backed

Food Label Compliance Service

Food Legals - Cracknell Law


Food law is a large, complex, emotive and fascinating area that touches on everyone’s daily life.

Our Food Law team assists producers, distributors and retailers to ensure that they comply with their respective legal obligations. In turn, this enables consumers to make safe food choices and are increasingly empowered to make informed decisions.

We have worked with one of the most influential organisations within the sector, Nielsen Brandbank, for over five years and we are delighted to offer their customers and other product manufacturers and brand-owners our robust food label compliance and advisory service that safeguards their reputations.


As a regulated law firm, we apply an in-depth legal analysis of food and beverage products to determine whether a product is compliant with applicable food labelling legislation.

We proudly stand behind this advice.

We create a compliance report which assists you to make any changes required before bringing your product to market.

Our reports work on a traffic light system to highlight any risks – with amber being suggested improvements, to red being significant breaches of the law and/or which could pose a risk to consumers (e.g. incorrect allergen statements).

We also provide legal advice for any work required following the completion of your compliance report


We have developed a proprietary system for analysing food labels and our customers benefit from a consistent output with every product that is processed.

The process is simple – you provide us with your product artwork files and product specification sheet (and any supporting materials) before the product is launched (or later if you would like a then current review of your ‘live’ products) and we will conduct our comprehensive review process.

We undertake three checks on every product by a combination of Food Paralegals and Food Lawyers to ensure that you receive expert advice, and ultimately, peace of mind.

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