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Legal Retainers - Cracknell Law

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Since the creation of Cracknell Law, we have always been convinced that legal retainers are the best way of providing legal services.

Why? Well, it means that you have:

  • an engaged legal department at your fingertips, without having to pay the cost of a full-time in-house lawyer (and the recruitment fees, pay rises, pension, sick leave and holiday leave which comes with it);
  • fixed monthly fees – giving you cost certainty and the ability to budget;
  • full flexibility to ramp-up the number of hours assistance required at short notice;
  • independent, trustworthy advisors; and
  • solicitors who get to know the business inside and out – which helps them negotiate bigger and better contracts, faster.

We have a number of different types of retainers and can tailor a customised package for your business.

Accelerator Retainer

This is a long-term retainer for businesses who want to scale and work towards an exit. It covers our full service scope.

General Retainer

This retainer provides legal support across a range of service types – including Commercial Law, Corporate Services, Employment, IP and Data Protection.

Commercial Retainer

This retainer is ideal for businesses that deal with a large number of contracts or high value agreements. It is focused on negotiating commercial contracts, drafting bespoke agreements and reviewing complex terms.

Legal Director

This is a hands-on retainer where we provide legal oversight at board level at management meetings and facilitate the business’ overall legal compliance.

DPO Service

This retainer enables businesses to meet their Data Protection Officer obligations under the GDPR / the Data Protection Act 2018 and to use personal data to their advantage.

Sale Ready Retainer

This is a corporate retainer which is aimed at helping businesses ‘prep for exit’. The retainer enables you to get your company in ship-shape for a potential acquisition in the near future

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